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  • Primary Topsify platforms
    Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer
  • Weekly Topsify streams
    16 million
  • Languages delivered

Topsify (a sub-brand of Warner Music Group) is the home of brilliant music playlists, featuring everything from the biggest global hits to new releases across all music genres.

Working with Warner’s VP of Global Playlist Strategy, over a two year period YourFilm delivered a package of adverts each month, for use as YouTube pre-rolls and Spotify in-stream ads.

We created a suite of branded graphics for intro, outro and interstitial use, then blended these with our own bespoke edits of the featured music videos and voiceovers in multiple languages. The deliverables were themed by music style, seasonality and geographical region – we delivered localised adverts for use in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, the UK and USA.

YourFilm are professional, creative and great to work with. They provide high quality work for us every month and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.”

VP of Global Playlist Strategy, Warner Music Group