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Admiral is a market-leading provider of slots and gaming entertainment in the UK, operating over 230 high street and seaside venues.

Working directly with Admiral’s senior marketing team, YourFilm produces content for in-venue screens, internal comms, training materials, sales conferences, and online advertising.  Working as part of Admiral’s local supplier network, we also produced Admiral’s first UK TV campaigns.

Ours is a truly collaborative relationship – working from initial concepts which are often generated by Admiral’s in-house marketers, we develop, produce and deliver content which includes both scripted & non-scripted film, as well as 2d and 3d animation.

YourFilm worked over and above on our first national advertising campaign, filming overnight on location on a multi-faceted shoot designed to extract footage for multiple projects. It was an approach that worked very well for us and the guys had a very open, honest approach about what was achievable. We’ve used them on several subsequent projects and they’ll be a partner of ours for many years to come, I’m certain."

Marketing Manager, Admiral