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Northern Design Centre
Baltic Business Quarter

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Senior Team

Matthew Newman

Managing Director

Matthew Newman is the Managing Director and co-founder of YourFilm. His day-to-day role includes pitching, managing client relationships and getting involved with creative. Matthew has a real talent for on-the-spot concept generation and is our Clearcast expert.

Kevin Owens

Creative Director

Kevin Owens is the Creative Director and co-founder of YourFilm. He heads up our talented team of designers, editors and animators to deliver the vision for our clients. He oversees the entire creative process and is the main point of contact throughout the production process.

Marc Runkee

Production Director

Marc Runkee is the Production Director of YourFilm. As well as overseeing project delivery across the team, he personally delivers projects and works alongside Matthew in developing new projects and proposals.

Andrew Armstrong

Media Strategist

Andrew Armstrong is a specialist media planner and buyer. Using his 20+ years of experience and knowledge he provides our clients fit-for-purpose solutions and consultancy, unique to their particular needs centred around three values: transparency, trust and expertise.