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Home Group is one of the largest housing associations in the UK. They are one of the UK’s largest providers of new homes and houses for affordable rent. In addition, they provide long term integrated housing, health and social care.

YourFilm and Home Group have worked together since 2014, producing internal Learning & Development animations, scripted live action training scenarios and Health and Safety educational pieces, including this short series of fire safety videos developed for tenants. We worked with the HSE team to help plan the content for each video, including arranging the production schedule to utilise as few filming locations as possible. We also advised on best practice for the presenter, who wasn’t media trained.

We created a series of videos which were simple, clear and informative, using on-screen graphics to emphasise key points.

The fire safety videos are great! We really appreciated the input from YourFilm on the planning side and additional post-production elements to make them as clear and informative as possible."

Fire Safety Manager, Home Group