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  • What's in raw dog food?
    Muscle meat, vegetables, fruits and more
  • Is it safe?
    All meals developed & tested to FEDIAF standards
  • How big is the range?
    Uberpet have created 7 varieties of complete meal

Uberpet has developed a healthy, wholesome & nutritionally-balanced range of 100% raw dog food. A raw food diet helps to keep your dogs teeth, gums, skin & coat healthy. It also is easier to digest, great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and because it contains no artificial ingredients, reduces allergy issues.

Working with the marketing team at Uberpet, we were asked to create their first ever TV advert. We had written and were in pre-production on a live action advert when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and lockdown was enacted in the UK. Not to be deterred, we proposed some tweaks to the script which would allow us to take an animated approach to the project.

The final ad utilises existing product photography and branding assets provided by Uberpet alongside stock elements, which we brought to life in a light, airy and upbeat animation-motion graphics hybrid video.

Thank you for all of your great work, and for your help and support to get us on air! It really is appreciated."

Marketing Manager, Uberpet