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  • Product range
    Paingone, Paingone Plus, Paingone Easy & Paingone Freeze
  • Units sold
    Over 1.8 million
  • UK TV campaign reach
    3.5 million adults

Paingone, developed by Medi-direct International, is a medical device which delivers TENS therapy, helping to reduce pain. With over 1.8 million units sold and a regular presence on TV screens, the brand is well-established in the UK and mainland Europe.

YourFilm was invited by Paingone’s media agency to produce a new TV campaign. Our brief was to work with Clearcast to approve as robust a script as possible, and to improve upon the technical quality of the previous TV campaign. Our in-house Clearcast expert worked through eight drafts of the script before until all parties were satisfied, and we then produced a combination of stylish 30- and 10-second adverts for use on UK and Belgian TV,  and online.

The adverts which YourFilm produced were a major step forward for our brand. The working process was smooth, even though we required a lot of back-and-forth with Clearcast to clear our scripts."

Co-founder, Medi-direct International