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  • Kwik Tan established
  • Salons nationwide
  • Proud member of
    The Sunbed Association

Operating from 40+ venues nationwide, Kwik Tan is one of the largest chains of high street tanning shops.

Working with the Senior Marketing Team, YourFilm was engaged to produce updated TV Commercials for a nationwide marketing push in early 2022.

The client really wanted the commercials to resonate with a younger audience, so they needed to look cool and push the brand further then ever before.

We worked with the Kwik Tan marketing team, who came up with the ‘Let’s Summer’ seasonal branding which leaned heavily into hot, exotic summer vacation vibes with a hint of 80s neon.

We planned our shoot to mimic this cool, laid back look and planned on adding some 80s style into to the edits.

We shot the beds in darker rooms, to allow the natural lighting of the beds to look their absolute best.

The final commercials were received very well by the client and are airing now on SKY TV and ITV VOD.



YourFilm were fantastic, directing and advising us on how to get the best results possible."

Assistant Marketing Manager, Kwik Tan