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  • Website dwell time
    Up by 50%
  • Used car sales
    Up by 35%
  • Johnsons locations

Founded in 1999, Johnsons Cars is one of the largest independent motor dealer networks in the UK, home to more than a dozen brands and operating from nearly 50 locations across the North West, midlands and London areas.

Already running targeted online advertising campaigns, Johnsons were interested in trialling a TV campaign using the Sky AdSmart platform. YourFilm was invited by Johnsons media agency to pitch a creative concept for a campaign, focused on used car sales in the North West, across 5 brands.

After exploring an animated approach, we agreed to produce a live action TV advert focused entirely on the brands and the vehicles, with a strong call to action linked to a TV-only URL.

We have seen fantastic results from the campaign – website visitor numbers and dwell time are both significantly up, and we have seen a 35% increase in used car sales in the North West.”

Marketing Director, Johnsons Cars