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  • Over 95% of waste collected
    is recycled by Hippowaste!
    is a real website!
  • UK's No. 1
    skip bag company
  • Customers
    Over 1 million!
  • The Hippo's name
    is Harry

HIPPO’s mission is to be the UK’s leading rubbish clearance provider. In 2022 they invested heavily in their marketing campaigns, including a big investment in TV to help project their brand awareness nationwide.

Having created TV commercials for the HIPPOBAG products in previous years, HIPPO approached us to generate concepts for a commercial that would resonate with the UK audience and create brand saturation.

We came up with 2 concepts, one ‘safe’ concept which hit all of the needs of the brief, but also one ‘risky’ concept, which didn’t hit every bullet point but had the potential to be far more memorable. The ‘Hippo in a bag’ was born!

YourFilm developed the concept into a script and storyboard, which the client then helped shape.

As we were still planning the shoot, the extensive CGI work on the Hippo began to ensure we would hit the deadline.

We shot the commercial over 2 days at the back end of winter! With 3 weeks after the shoot until the deadline, our post-production process began as soon as we returned North. Assembly, edit, sound mix, colour grade, motion tracking and the CG work continued right up until the deadline- with the client reviewing the progress at each stage.

The commercial was delivered on time and is currently airing across the UK. Results to follow…

Everyone is very pleased with the final outcome. The finished commercial looks great and we're excited to see the results. Thank you!

Marketing Manager, Hippowaste