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  • Nissan (UK) employees
  • British cars
    1 in 3 made at Nissan
  • Exporting to
    130 international markets

One the of the world’s largest and most recognisable brands, Nissan have long been a huge presence in the UK motor industry, particularly in the North East where they are one of the largest employers in the region.

Having recently completed a project to launch a careers website through an external design agency, Nissan invited YourFilm to pitch the creation of recruitment video content. We developed three potential approaches, each different in style but each centred on real Nissan employees telling their story.

We created a series of films which were driven by genuine, heartfelt soundbites from employees across a range of ages and job roles, and of course took full advantage of Nissan’s cutting edge production facility to ensure that our footage was stylish & cinematic.

The Steve video in particular is the best one I’ve seen produced for Nissan Europe in some time!"

HR Talent Acquisition, Nissan