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  • The “cloud” is a vital online technology
    that is used all over the world.
  • By 2025, there will be over 100 zettabytes
    of data stored in the cloud. (1 zettabyte = billion terabytes)
  • Remote Work Is on the Rise
    approx. 34% of workers prefer to work in the cloud

Atlas Cloud is a managed service provider that specialises in enabling secure work remotely.

Their offering is still fairly cutting edge and they were finding that a barrier to entry was misconceptions about cloud computing and more generally what remote working and hybrid working is.

We were given an open brief on how to best hit their target market. We started with their tagline” “Mapping your cloud journey.”

We came up with the concept of a CGI map sequence, that would start as a map but grow into an extruded landscape, including a full city, suburban area and countryside. This map and model would demonstrate Atlas Cloud guiding you through your cloud journey- allowing us to show not only the correct route, but the dangers of taking wrong turns!

The project was a huge CGI undertaking and took many, many weeks to create! We used key Atlas Cloud brand colours to pop the paper look of the map including the orange ‘sat-nav’ line, making the video part of the DNA of the Atlas Cloud brand.

The final video looks fantastic. We can't wait to start using it!"

Marketing Manager, Atlas Cloud