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We’re delighted to announce that Marc Runkee has joined YourFilm in the newly created role of Production Director, completing a merger between ourselves and Digital Sidekick.

We’ve collaborated with Marc on various projects for a number of years, and initially began discussing the benefits of a merger in 2019.

Marc not only brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team, but also a strong client list including the likes of Age UK, Flymo and Sage.

Marc: “Having run Digital Sidekick for over 11 years I’d always looked for ways to improve the projects we delivered for our clients. The YourFilm team had a broad range of skills, under one roof. They allowed me to deliver more projects that time and time again exceed the expectations of the client. It seemed like a natural move to merge our two companies together.”

Matthew: “We needed another senior creative and Marc was the perfect choice as he brought both creative talent and management experience to the table. He was also keen for the support of a team.”

We’re delighted to have Marc onboard, as we look to continue our current growth and stay on course to record our best-ever year.

A special note of thanks to our friends at Sintons who provided expert advice and helped us complete the deal in a timely and stress-free manner.


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