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It has come to our attention that our company name is being used by internet scammers.

We’ve recently been receiving messages from people who have been contacted by someone claiming to work for an IT recruitment firm.

Their pitch to potential victims is that via one of two websites – and – money can be earned by helping to ‘produce’ and ‘review’ films.

We are aware of victims being targeted in the UK, Australia and even the USA.

Payment is offered in $AUS and £GBP, presumably because there is an Australian production company also called YourFilm (there is no link between our companies). The scam sites use the Australian YourFilm’s logo, in an attempt to look legitimate.

Please do not engage with anyone who contacts you claiming to work for YourFilm, asking you to take part in any kind of scheme to ‘produce’ or ‘promote’ films. They are attempting to scam you.

If you have been contacted by the scammers and want to make a report, you can find information on how to do so here:

UK –

Australia –




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