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As of this month (April 2020) YourFilm has been trading for 15 years.

We had some big plans to celebrate this major milestone… which we’ve put on ice for now.

As with many business owners at the moment our priority is simply to keep our company moving forward through this difficult time. More important, we need to keep our friends and families safe and try to help out anyone we can.

We started our journey in 2005, when we were both 23. To put it into a bit of historical context: it was the same year in which YouTube launched, and two years before the first iPhone was released.

Back then all we wanted to do was make movies. We didn’t know much else! But we believed in ourselves and knew we had it in us to make great creative content.

We’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. They’re how we’ve learned our most valuable lessons. But we always give ourselves and our staff the space to try new things, to explore creatively.

This is the key to making the best work for our clients and for ourselves. Which is what makes us happy.

Our vision is to matter to our clients, to challenge our industry and inspire future generations of film makers.

Our currency is ideas.

Over the past 15 years we’ve made thousands of films working for hundreds of clients working in many different industries, countries and languages.

The technology, the tools, the software we use have all changed drastically over that time.

But the power of the idea has remained the same.

15 years of experience has taught us that if you limit your vision, you confine your actions.

Our clients want us to show them being the best that they can be, because their customers accept nothing less than that.

So what are our plans for the years to come?

We will think bigger.

We will live our ideals every day — honesty, fairness and a commitment to deliver our promises.

We will make our work matter.

We will show clients what is possible, and by doing that, inspire them to tell better stories. (And BTW, working with a budget is about maximising impact, not limiting ideas.)

We will have fun doing it — otherwise, what’s the point? 

And when the lockdown is over, we’ll catch up with you all in person, we hope!

Stay safe!

Kevin & Matthew.


Any questions for us? We'd love to chat!