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"5 Video Marketing Trends for 2024", we're diving head-first into the rapidly evolving realm of video marketing.

This podcast peels back the curtain to explore the strategies, innovations, and trends that fuel the creative world. With over 90% of businesses harnessing video as a marketing powerhouse and online users devouring an average of 17 hours of video content per week, it’s clear that video isn’t just part of the future—it *is* the future.  We kick things off with Video SEO, unlocking the secrets behind optimising your video content for search engines across platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn. Discover the indispensable online and AI tools, such as Cast Magic, that make transcription and optimisation a breeze, as well as the insider strategies that can propel your content to the top of the search list.  Artificial intelligence is shaking up the video scene, not just in post-production, but from the script stage itself. We weigh the pros and cons of AI’s influence on creativity and whether Spielberg and Scorsese’s concerns about technology compromising artistry are valid today.  Next, the spotlight shines on short-form video. We unravel why those first six to 10 seconds are crucial and discuss the seismic shift towards creating platform-specific video content. Prepare to rethink everything you know about social media marketing! And as video consumption continues its transition to vertical formats, driven by smartphone domination, you’ll learn why starting your production with this in mind is essential. So, buckle up as we immerse you in the future of video marketing—you might just find the inspiration you need to revolutionise the way you think about video.

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