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Welcome to Part 2 of 'Were TV Ads Better in the Old Days?' Hosts Kevin Owens, Matthew Newman and Marc Runkee dive into the nostalgic world of old UK television commercials. Get ready for a trip down memory lane as they review iconic ads that left a lasting impact on viewers. From the storytelling techniques to the memorable characters and catchy music, the hosts explore whether TV ads were better in the old days.


They discuss beloved advertisements including:

John Smiths- Peter Kay

Cadbury Gorilla (In the Air Tonight)

Kia-Ora (Too Orangey for Crows)

Trebor Softmints- Mr Soft

Cadbury Milk Tray- The Man in Black

Reebok- Beat the Beer Belly

Join the conversation as the hosts grapple with the evolving landscape of advertising regulations. Explore the intricacies of advertising rules, from targeting specific audiences to complying with modern Clearcast and ASA guidelines. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a nostalgic journey through the world of TV advertisements! Be prepared for laughter, insights, and a lively discussion on the art of creating funny and memorable ads.

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