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Hosts Kevin Owens and Matthew Newman welcome the incredibly talented Director of Photography, Scott Coulter, whose credits include: Man Like Mobeen, G'wed, Henpocalypse!, Things You Should Have Done, Lore and the Dumping Ground.

Discover how Scott’s unique approach to cinematography and his effective communication with directors result in dynamic and compelling on-screen narratives. Listen in as he dissects the delicate balance between technology and artistry and how sliders, dollies, and zoom lenses can completely revamp a show’s visual identity.  From collaboration on visual approach documents to colour grading experimentation, Scott elucidates the meticulous preparation that goes into crafting a TV show’s visual signature. Amidst tightly packed schedules and budget constraints, be inspired by how projects creatively push the envelope with inventive uses of colour palettes and grading solutions. Featuring lively discussions on future technology, the role of AI in filmmaking, and navigating industry challenges, this episode is not just for aspiring cinematographers but for anyone who cherishes the narrative power of the visual image. Also, don’t miss out on Scott’s personal journey, from his start at 17 or 18 to his rise as an acclaimed DOP – it’s a story of perseverance and passion that many creatives can relate to. ► Subscribe to TriPOD- Behind the Creative and step into the ever-evolving world of cinematic arts with professionals like Scott Coulter. 

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