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Welcome to TriPOD - Behind the Creative, the podcast that takes you inside the world of creatives from various industries. Every week, hosts Marc Runkee, Matthew Newman, and Kevin Owens engage in insightful and often humorous discussions with guests about the behind-the-scenes of the creative process. If you're a creative professional or just fascinated by creativity, this podcast is your window into the minds and mechanics of innovative creation.

Join us as we unpack the nuances and significance of showreels in the hiring process, especially in creative industries. We begin by defining what a showreel is and how it differs from promos and sizzle reels. Our hosts discuss the evolution of an individual’s showreel as they progress in their career—from pure, grad-project compilations to more complex pieces that might feature contributions from other creatives. We also cover the ethics of including such collaborative projects and the importance of clear representation. Our lively conversation tackles critical questions like authenticity, the selective nature of these reels, and their role in opening—or sometimes closing—doors to job opportunities. Moreover, we approach the relevance of showreels in today’s digital age, where platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and social media play a significant role in how creatives showcase their work. Whether you’re a recent graduate aiming to land your first creative role or a seasoned professional looking to switch things up, this episode offers valuable insights into creating a showreel that stands out while staying true to your authentic creative voice. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share our podcast if you find this episode enlightening! Tune in to TriPOD – Behind the Creative where we explore truth and myth in the creative industry. #creativepodcast #Showreels #MediaCareer #FilmIndustry #CreativeProfessionals #PortfolioTips #JobOpportunitiesInMedia #SizzleReels #videoproductionpodcast #BehindTheCreative

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