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Welcome back to TriPOD, the podcast where we dive deep into the creative world.

Welcome to TriPOD- Behind the Creative, a podcast where industry experts Matthew Newman, Kevin Owens, and Marc Runkee delve deep into the world of creative video production. In this episode, “6 Reasons your Video will Fail… MISERABLY!”, the hosts share valuable insights and practical advice to help creators and marketers avoid common pitfalls that can lead to unsuccessful video campaigns. From the misconception that TV commercials alone can effectively reach audiences, to the challenges of accommodating multiple decision makers in the creative process, the episode sheds light on the complexities of video production and the factors that can impact its success. Listeners will also gain valuable knowledge about the optimal length for video content, the importance of tailoring messages to target audiences, and the significance of clear calls to action in driving consumer engagement. The hosts draw on their extensive experience in producing impactful videos for various platforms, and emphasise the significance of understanding consumer behaviour, utilising the right platforms, and delivering clear, concise messaging in video content. They also share valuable insights into the evolution of advertising platforms and the need to adapt video content to engage modern audiences effectively. Join Matthew, Kevin, and Marc as they explore the intricate world of video production, offering indispensable advice and practical strategies to assist creators and marketers in achieving successful video campaigns. Whether you’re new to video production or a seasoned professional, this episode promises to provide valuable insights and actionable tips to boost the performance of your video content and drive meaningful results.

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