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Knowing your target audience is critical to the success of your video production.

Target audience

Getting your video production plan right involves a number of key considerations – and one of the best ways to create an effective video is to start at the end. What does that mean?

Your target audience and the action you want them to take after viewing the video should be the biggest influence on how your video production is planned and executed – but why? Well, let’s find out.

Do you know your audience?

Knowing your target audience is critical to the success of your video production. Typically, clients have a good idea of their target audience when they come to us – great! But sometimes, we need to delve into the research to find out more.

You see, the target audience informs how we make the video – its style, format, on-camera talent, voice-over artist, music and graphics. Different audiences respond to videos in different ways.

A client approached us recently who had the whole visual flow of their advert fully-formed in their mind’s eye. They had a comprehensive understanding of who their target audience was – that was super useful for us making the video, as we could get to work straight away (it was a tight deadline, as it goes!) The campaign was immediately successful in driving new sales, and was re-booked on TV. Everyone wins!

But to get to the best results, we need to ask the right questions to understand your audience – what they respond to, where they are and how best to reach them.

Knowing your audience for video

First things first. Where does your audience hang out? By that, we mean where they hang out online – will they consume your video on TV, a certain social media platform, or YouTube? Knowing the answer to this informs both the content of the video and the format in which we create it.

What format do they prefer? What are they more likely to engage with? Is it an Instagram reel or a YouTube pre-roll? Questions like this are essential to the success of your video production, so we work with you to understand the answers and use this knowledge to inform the creative idea.

Crafting a message to meet your audience

As every audience has different tastes, the message you craft for them has to match them as closely as possible. This informs elements like script-writing, the type of actors or voiceover talent hired, the soundtrack, and tonal decisions, such as whether to take a comedic approach.

The platform you decide upon will depend on your audience. The messaging has to fit the platform, too. For example, if it’s a TikTok video, it’ll need to be short, sharp, easy to consume and fun. It’ll also probably have subtitles in case people are viewing without the sound (not to mention the accessibility features that brings with it).

Applying your knowledge

We’ll always help you with your target audience and use our experience to inform what the content should be, how it should be formatted and how it should be presented. Knowing the optimal format & platform at the start of the process is crucial to the success of the video production, so understanding your target audience is essential.

So while you may not know the exact target audience when you approach us, having a good idea of it is enough. We can help you discover the rest and work with you to decide on the platform and format to use. As always, we’re here to help and guide you, not get in your way.

Any questions for us? We'd love to chat!